Education Tips

Tips on how teachers can manage and teach a large!

Posted 7 months 5 days ago

1.Have a well-prepared lesson plan with variety of activities.


2.Establish simple rules of acceptable behavior. These rules should be observed whether working in groups or individually. Such rules as: how to be a good member of the group; how to wait for ones turn; how to talk softly without disturbing others.

3. Seat the pupils who need more help closer to you where you can easily see them during instruction

 This will help you spot difficulties more readily while you are teaching.

4.Train all the pupils how to lead a group.

Give everyone a chance to be the group leader. Make sure the members of the group take turns being the


5.When the groups are working on their assignments together, have them sit around in a circle.

  This will increase the chances that everyone will participate

6.Teach the class in groups of 15 to 20, instead of trying to teach the whole class all at once.

7.Train your pupils how to routinize classroom chores. At the beginning of the school year, train your pupils to follow simple standard procedures for routine classroom activities; Such as: how to distribute books, papers, and other materials; how to pass papers, books, and other materials to the front; where to put school materials after using them; and how to keep the classroom neat and tidy.