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Tips on how to write your best practices

Posted 1 year 5 months ago

Tips on how to write your best practices

In our understanding, the best practice can be explained as the most effective way to do something! This means that people are ready to learn a lot from you.  It must therefore be composed of the following:

• The title of the best practice
• Introduction/description of the program/activity and how it made a difference in your way of doing things as mentors/teachers.

• Implementation. It should show how the intervention/activity has made change in peoples` lives and what benefits were gained: It will show the implementers
• Show the techniques/methods used

• Show Results: Your best practice document should also who benefited from what you did

• Photos are really a good strategy to convince people of what you did

• Audio or video can also be an excellent way of sharing your best practice



Thank you so much .I really appreciate education tips.They help me a lot.
For example I downloaded a tip " how to conduct a successful training" and by following the steps, there was change as I conduct a training at my school. There is an improvement!