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Nshimiyimana Cyprien
EGR graduates'speech 27th September 2017

Speech by EGR student’s representatives (Cyprien &Janviere)
Honorable Minister
Distinguished invitees
Fellow teacher - students
Ladies and gentlemen,
My name is NSHIMIYIMANA Cyprien , I am a teacher at GS BWIZA located in District RUTSIRO We are here on behalf of our colleague’s students whom we spent 7 months together taking the Web Based Course in foundations of Reading in Kinyarwanda. Our colleagues delegated us to represent them so we can really thank the government of Rwanda who thought about our professional development as in service teachers. We are greatful to USAID as a funder of this program. Particularly, we are thankful to REB, URCE and FHI 360 who worked together to make sure we have access
There are many things to thank today including the way course were prepared and planned. The e-course didn’t disturb our current job of teaching, due to it was given through online so that anytime I could follow it in a week. We worked to implement what we were studying from URCE in our respective schools something that ensures EGR students’ Internship.
We learned four modules divided into twenty chapters. Before concluding each chapter we would have to pass an online assessment (quiz) to test the skills and knowledge earned from the course. Through an online community web of Rwanda Teacher Community of Practice (TCOP) EGR students used to meet to share experiences they were having from the e-course. This the web through the course learned. Tutors, URCE and REB representatives used TCOP to meet with us to facilitate our learning. For any technical issues and difficulties, the trained workers from fhi360 worked to support and help us. This online community has built and improve our sociability among us as teachers from across the country.
We benefited much from this online course in foundations of reading Kinyarwanda such as providing enough time for students to read for themselves at school and home. We would know the role of being exposed for the opportunity of reading for learners. Where books are enough available learners get to know to read in short time as much as possible. This is why we are trying corner of reading in our classes.
We would know the tough role the community perform in learning of the children. Where parents and school work collaborative learners succeeded well.
Today 148 students graduating in foundations of reading Kinyarwanda the little number compared with the number of willing to learn. We take this opportunity to request from REB and stakeholders to help increase this number not only in Kinyarwanda but also in other subjects like English, mathematics, etc. The graduates are ready to pay their time to help you doing whatever you wait from us.
Learning doesn’t end. From this, we request REB and stakeholders to help us continue learning not only in Kinyarwanda but also in other subjects.
We conclude thanking everyone who worked together for the course to be given and reached us properly. We also promise to work with partners and stakeholders including Somaumenye to make sure students are growing the culture of reading in Rwanda.