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Is it real that background of a learner can affect his/her learning?

As teachers, we teach different learners with different backgrounds and life style, but how this can affect learners' performance?
How a teacher can be aware of such issue?
What to do to overcome that, if it is affecting negatively?

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Hi Igorora! Thank you so much

Hi Igorora! Thank you so much for asking such a good question! I am interested in adding comment.Firstly ;Historical background of learner can affect learner's performance in 2 ways:negatively or pisitively. Let's consider concret examples as teachers! In their lives learners face many events.Suppose that one learner faced a problem of seeing her /his brother leaving his family unhappy. and go to town to search for a job due to lack of school fees while he has passed his exam!Another learner accompanied his brother to his graduation.Dear Igorora;Let's ask this question:who will be eager to learn?

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Mr Igorora​,I see education

Mr Igorora​,I see education today like a business so I wonder myself if those degrees are competent.Sometimes I meet some of those graduates talking with them nothing from there.Languages!Sciences!.....Ohlalaaa...don't complain.I'm still remaining my certificate which is very strong comparing with some diplomas and degrees.Rural areas will be under forever but his excellence talks about it at anytime,solution is not found,local government,where is it?

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josephine murag...
Yes.It is.

Yes.It is.