Best teaching practices for 2018

In teaching at any level, there’s only so much you can prepare for. Student behavior is unpredictable – happenings at home and on the playground coupled with youthful energy can derail the best lesson plans. As a result, teachers are always looking to innovate, so, yes, it’s essential that we try new things to add to our pedagogical bag of tricks. Of all the things you have planned to do in 2018, the following should be at the forefront: View details

Best teaching practices for 2018


Being innovative is the main weapon that a teacher must carry in order to reach to the quality of education. especially in tis year (2018)

That's true sir.  we need to innovate our traditional pedagogy and introduction of ict in teaching and learning is taken as a tool to reach the quality education.


The 2018 is the year o implementation let's teachers be at the first to change things through idifferent innovations.

dear all, the first thing we have to do as teachers is to enhance motivation towards students(for example by using ict tools in classroom:laptop,digital contents,projector,internet),the second one is to let students participate a lots in their learning(learner-centred pedagogy) by assigning them topics to discuss in groups,allowing them to carry their own research on internet, allowing them to collaborate with follow students from differents school,we have even collaborate a lots with the parents in managing students behaviors, the teacher need to have full contact of their students parents.

I appreciate how the new times frequently post important and constructive news in education.

You are true .