Editorial: Education reforms are taking shape

Last year’s national O-Level and Primary Leaving Examinations were released yesterday indicating a general improvement in performance. In O-Level, the pass rate was at 89.9 per cent, a slight increase compared to the previous year, where the pass rate stood at 89 per cent. The general pass rate in Primary Leaving Examinations (PLE) in 2017 was 86.3 per cent up from 85.4 per cent in 2016.

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Editorial: Education reforms are taking shape


Right. though there reforms are taking place, it is a good time to celebrate but to make effort so that our education cannot collapse 

That is right! we have to do our best to enhance the quality of our education

​Hello, Mraymond,for me I want everyone to have a hundred percent but not for everybody we are here to wait for other credits to complete out studies in EGR Students.

Hello.Turashimira intambwe tumaze kugeraho mu buzima.Hanze aha ubuna hari abactse intege ngo nta Qualite y'uburezi dufie abandi ngo abarimu si motive.Ese koko turi 0% muri qualie ese buriya nta barimu dufite bari motive mu Rwanda.Twe kwiheba hari aho turi dukore.Wowe ubyumva ute