Education: The rise and rise of girls' performance

Efforts to get girls in school, stay in school and perform as good, or even better than their male counterparts seem to be paying off.

Early this week, the Rwanda Education Board released results of national exams for both primary and O-Levels.

At the Primary Level, girls recorded an 87.4 per cent pass rate compared boys who managed 85 per cent.View details

Education: The rise and rise of girls' performance


It is good to see our sisters shinning in good performance.

Hello!our fellowers based on the success late of both girls and boys in primary examination 2017 is very curssional ( essantional )for the government policies of the rising the number of girls in education as the result of empowering women this will lead government to development because even women provide the greatest ideas on the world thanks.

Please teachers, headteachers and even those who are in charge of education let's put together our Union so we should achieve on goals,objectives,and aims that's why our pariticpation is important in every day life because a teacher is a key and light of the world. how to put these ln practically from theory we should have a reading culture this the right way to join and improving knowledge and skills in daily life thanks.

Please come on and help girls to develop skills where they have some problems.