Why rethinking of education today is necessary

Education revolution was at the centre of discussions in the recently-concluded National Dialogue in Kigali. While this was highly emphasised, it got squeezed up with my educational ideas in the wide road of economic freedom and development and thus a desire to rethink about education in this century was born.

Why learners should set personal goals

The holiday is a few weeks to the close and most students have already started preparing to go back to school for the first term. The new academic year means that most of them will be moving to the next class, depending on the curriculum at their school.

As such, education experts say students ought to set personal goals to cover their daily, weekly, monthly or annual routines to ensure a successful academic journey.  View details

Education sector in 2018: Stakeholders outline expectations

At the start of every New Year, people have a lot of expectations for better outcomes across sectors. Education being a pivotal sector in shaping the country’s development agenda requires priority and better strategies and reforms to deliver on this noble goal. Education Times’ Diane Mushimiyimana asked different people about the issues they would love to see addressed in 2018 in a bid to attain quality education. View details

Quality education must be our priority - Kagame

President Paul Kagame has called for a “revolution” in Rwanda’s education system so as to nurture highly qualified human capital that can pave the way for the country’s economic transformation.

Kagame said this yesterday while delivering the State of the Nation address at the opening of this year’s Umushyikirano.

Education took centre stage in view of the fact that for Rwanda to become a knowledge-based economy with highly qualified human capital, addressing the education’s quality gaps should be the nation’s top priority.

How newspapers can play key role in education By: Lydia Atieno

Media plays a vital role when it comes to informing the public on what’s happening around the world, which is as well helpful to students who need to be updated on the current issues surrounding them.

One of the channels to achieve this, educationists say is to use newspapers as a teaching aid, especially as a tool to promote the reading culture where a lot of efforts have been invested by the government and other stakeholders. View details

Teachers should consider professional development this holiday

While it is undeniable that teachers need rest and that we have our own personal (essential) things to do over the holidays, the risk of reporting back to class rusty is one we can’t afford.

Somewhere between the rest and personal matters, we must find room for professional development. The world is changing and the students we have are both diverse and informed making the modern classroom a field for a battle of intellect. The only way to cope is to acquaint ourselves with the modern methods and diversify our approaches to teaching.