How newspapers can play key role in education By: Lydia Atieno

Media plays a vital role when it comes to informing the public on what’s happening around the world, which is as well helpful to students who need to be updated on the current issues surrounding them.

One of the channels to achieve this, educationists say is to use newspapers as a teaching aid, especially as a tool to promote the reading culture where a lot of efforts have been invested by the government and other stakeholders. View details

Teachers should consider professional development this holiday

While it is undeniable that teachers need rest and that we have our own personal (essential) things to do over the holidays, the risk of reporting back to class rusty is one we can’t afford.

Somewhere between the rest and personal matters, we must find room for professional development. The world is changing and the students we have are both diverse and informed making the modern classroom a field for a battle of intellect. The only way to cope is to acquaint ourselves with the modern methods and diversify our approaches to teaching.

Foster independence among students by teaching study skills

Too often, conscientious students show up to class thinking that your job is to lay out the perfect plan for them to learn while theirs is simply to glide through it. This can be very frustrating since you will put in your best to design lessons that will help all of your students to master the material, only to record negative results from the students. Did you know that this kind of pressure shouldn’t rest solely on your shoulders? What’s your student’s responsibility in this joint effort? Do they know how to do it themselves?

Moral education: The only missing link

For any nation to attain the best development heights there should be a vibrant education system. It is clear that once a nation toys with her education provision to the citizen, under any circumstances such countries faces quality human resource deficit.

UR student scoops international cancer research award

A University of Rwanda (UR) student, Alice Umuhoza has been awarded for her research on cancer disease that continues to claim lives of many people around the World. Umuhoza received the award at the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)-Merck Africa Research Summit (MARS) in Mauritius.View details