Foster independence among students by teaching study skills

Too often, conscientious students show up to class thinking that your job is to lay out the perfect plan for them to learn while theirs is simply to glide through it. This can be very frustrating since you will put in your best to design lessons that will help all of your students to master the material, only to record negative results from the students. Did you know that this kind of pressure shouldn’t rest solely on your shoulders? What’s your student’s responsibility in this joint effort? Do they know how to do it themselves?

Moral education: The only missing link

For any nation to attain the best development heights there should be a vibrant education system. It is clear that once a nation toys with her education provision to the citizen, under any circumstances such countries faces quality human resource deficit.

UR student scoops international cancer research award

A University of Rwanda (UR) student, Alice Umuhoza has been awarded for her research on cancer disease that continues to claim lives of many people around the World. Umuhoza received the award at the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)-Merck Africa Research Summit (MARS) in Mauritius.View details

More institutions should throw their weight behind ECD policy

The latest early childhood development (ECD) policy is dated 2016 and is now under the Ministry of Gender and Family Promotion – a welcome move – from the overwhelmed Ministry of Education.

ECD policy focuses on the 0-6 year-olds and ropes in everything from health, nutrition, and child protection, to education, hence bringing in ministries of health, education, and infrastructure, the police, NGOs and private sector, among others. The ministry seems to have set a target of one ECD centre in each of Rwanda’s 416 sectors.

Happy holidays teachers; you deserve it

Many of us are already basking in the glow of holiday break. Others have only a few more hours/days to go before they join the party. There’s no doubt that you have visits scheduled, family traditions to look forward to, or a sweet vacation peppered with ample amounts of downtime. To your list, add some more rejuvenating things you can do before you get back to the classroom.