More institutions should throw their weight behind ECD policy

The latest early childhood development (ECD) policy is dated 2016 and is now under the Ministry of Gender and Family Promotion – a welcome move – from the overwhelmed Ministry of Education.

ECD policy focuses on the 0-6 year-olds and ropes in everything from health, nutrition, and child protection, to education, hence bringing in ministries of health, education, and infrastructure, the police, NGOs and private sector, among others. The ministry seems to have set a target of one ECD centre in each of Rwanda’s 416 sectors.

Happy holidays teachers; you deserve it

Many of us are already basking in the glow of holiday break. Others have only a few more hours/days to go before they join the party. There’s no doubt that you have visits scheduled, family traditions to look forward to, or a sweet vacation peppered with ample amounts of downtime. To your list, add some more rejuvenating things you can do before you get back to the classroom.

Excella School students raise money to support the needy

Members of Umurage Patriotism Club from Excella School have raised Rwf100,000 to support needy pupils from the community in the vicinity of their school.

The funds will be spent on purchasing scholastic materials including books, pens, pencils and bags, among others, for P6 leavers. A total 12 pupils will benefit from the support. View details

Holiday makers should take on part-time jobs

There’s really no easy way to say this: having a job over the holiday sucks!

Jobs are tedious, thankless, and will, in all likelihood, eat away at time that could be spent participating in traditional holiday activities like going to house parties and festivals or looking at Twitter. Your jobless friends will text you while you’re at work incessantly – the pictures of them at the beach, broke but living, will weigh heavily on your mind while you scrub congealed cheese off an endless stream of plates.

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‘Groom your child for life after school’

Your article portrays a true picture of the education systems in most African countries – teaching academics only and ignoring everything else that will prepare students to become whole rounded individuals.

This is what differentiates Western education systems from ours. Western school curricula incorporate academics with life and social skills, ours do not. This is not only done at elementary level but also at university.

Science majors at university not only learn science subject but also do electives in liberal arts.

Testimony: how my school takes the stress off teachers

My school has found ways to reduce the workload burden on teachers – while also helping us become more effective in the classroom.

We all know that stress is a problem in teaching, with workloads and other pressures. But I’ve experienced a variety of different approaches to teaching during my career, and I’ve seen that working long hours doesn’t necessarily equal better performance in the classroom.