How to deal with examination failure

The recently released senior six results indicate that out of the 42,118 students who sat the national exam last year, 37,558 (89 per cent) passed. These qualified for the Rwanda Advanced Certificate of Education, a green light to proceed to tertiary institutions.

Being multilingual offers more career options

Our history is one that Rwandans have always been united by one language, Kinyarwanda. With colonisation came introduction of French, and with the 1994 liberation came English. We saw the traditionally francophone society struggle to adapt as the system changed to anglophone. Those who managed to fluently master both languages are an envy of many today. View details

Final exams: Tips to help you shine

This period marks the apex of the year’s education calendar, particularly for students in primary and secondary school levels. As such, students at different levels will be or are already sitting their final examinations, which normally comes with examination stress. Below are tips from experts to help students go through the examination period successfully. View details

UNICEF calls for child-friendly communication materials

A negative experience or absence of stimulation at an early age can have serious and sustained negative effects on the child, experts in early childhood development have said.

Mrs. Kagame Lauds Maranyundo School’s Role in Educating Girls

The First Lady Mrs. Jeanette Kagame has lauded the the role of Maranyundo Girls School in educating the girl child in Rwanda

Mrs. Kagame was Presiding over the maiden graduation of the school where she attributed  establishment of the  School to unity.

Why we should embrace play-based learning

Recently, Dr Michael Rwibasira, the head of examination and accreditation at Rwanda Education Board ( REB), while addressing teachers hinted on the adaption of play-based learning methodology in the classrooms as one way we can stop teacher-centered learning and embrace inclusive learning where students can  always take lead in the learning process.

He said the adaption of this methodology will avert rot learning at an early age and be able to nurture innovative and creative thinking future human resource for our country.