Kwigisha abana niwo murage umubyeyi agomba guha umwana - Madame Jeannette Kagame

Madame Jeannette Kagame arasaba ababyeyi guha abana babo umurage wo kubarihira amashuri, kuko ariwo murage w’ingenzi baba bahaye abana babo.
Yabitangarije mu karere ka Bugesera kuri uyu wa Gatandatu tariki 4 Ugushyingo 2017, ubwo yifatanyaga n’ikigo cy’amashuri cya Maranyundo Girls School gutaha inyubako nshya zubatswe muri icyo kigo. Reba ibikurikira:

Excelling at school: Why over-parenting is a double edged sword

Parents play a central role in their children’s education and achievement in life. But unknown to many is that parenting requires special skills if the children, especially those in school, are to excel. View details:

Umwalimu Sacco accelerates teacher welfare improvement

Gatarayira Theogene is a 37- year old professional teacher who has served for the last four- teen years. Currently he serves at Groupe Scolaire Bugambira in Ruramira sector in Kayonza district.

Ghanaian student names project after Kigali

While presenting his project before his class, Baffour Appiah-Korangan MBA student from African Leadership University School of Business (ALUSB) surprised many when he named his business project ‘Kigali Storage Services.’

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When Classroom Technology Impedes Student Learning

New research in the latest issue of Education Next does an elegant job of capturing the perils of ed tech. Researchers Susan Payne Carter, Kyle Greenberg, and Michael Walker report intriguing but disquieting findings from a randomized controlled classroom experiment conducted at West Point (for the in-the-weeds version of their study.

Teacher training is like a wedding cake, and we all need a piece

Teacher training is a broad concept that goes beyond the classroom setting, but rather stretches to the larger world of how people relate in their social groupings as well as how parents relate with their children and the teachers of their children. As such, teachers must be able to reflect on everything with the sole purpose of nurturing children towards becoming responsible citizens. View details