When Classroom Technology Impedes Student Learning

New research in the latest issue of Education Next does an elegant job of capturing the perils of ed tech. Researchers Susan Payne Carter, Kyle Greenberg, and Michael Walker report intriguing but disquieting findings from a randomized controlled classroom experiment conducted at West Point (for the in-the-weeds version of their study.

Teacher training is like a wedding cake, and we all need a piece

Teacher training is a broad concept that goes beyond the classroom setting, but rather stretches to the larger world of how people relate in their social groupings as well as how parents relate with their children and the teachers of their children. As such, teachers must be able to reflect on everything with the sole purpose of nurturing children towards becoming responsible citizens. View details

How nature stimulates a child's learning

More and more children today have less and less contact with the natural world. And this is having a huge impact on their health, growth and development. This is mostly the case for children dwelling in urban areas, largely due to growing uptake of technology that pushes them to prefer TV screens and other electronic gadgets to outdoor stimuli.

Balancing act: it pays to work while still studying

Students naturally experience financial stress due to various reasons which puts them on pressure to look for all means possible to survive. One choice some take is to find a part-time job. The main reason why a student will normally choose to get a job while at school could be to cater for their living expenses as well as gaining work experience in a certain field.View details on New Times

Umwarimu wize kwigisha kandi ukunda umwuga we ni Inkingi y’ireme ry’Uburezi

Iyo niyo insanganyamatsiko yagendeweho ku munsi mukuru wa mwarimu “International Teacher’s Day” wizihijwe tariki 05/10/2017 mu gihugu cyacu. Ku rwego rw’isi, insanganyamatsiko iragira iti “Teaching in freedom, Empowering teachers”. Umunyamabanga wa Leta ushinzwe Amashuri Abanza n’Ayisumbuye muri Minisiteri y’Uburezi, Bwana Isaac Munyakazi ni we wayoboye umuhango wabereye mu Karere ka Rubavu ku nshuro ya 16 mu gihugu cyacu. Kuri iyi nshuro, uyu munsi wanizihijwe mu Mirenge yose y’igihugu.  

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Children libraries improve primary education

Having been observed that some pupils complete the first cycle of primary education without skills to read Ikinyarwanda (local language), the Ministry of Education in partnership with its stakeholders opened libraries around the country to bring together primary school students on daily basis after their classes. View details: