Students should take a lead role in learning

Education is like a journey. When children are going to school, they are supposed to know the implications of this journey they are embarking on and the destination. Students should. View details

Teachers union calls for empowerment of female teachers

The National Teachers’ Union has called for more support to female teachers to promote education in the country.

During the recent 4th congress of the Rwanda Teachers Union, officials called for increased support to the female teachers as they play multiple roles in society.

They said female teachers often serve as mothers and educators hence the need to support them for increased output. View details

Why schools should involve students in decision making

Dealing with student grievances is every school head’s nightmare. Education experts warn that at the heart of this challenge is poor communication between students and the school administration. View details



Government to pay preschool teachers

The Government will next fiscal year begin paying kindergarten teachers in public schools, the parliamentary Standing Committee on Education, Technology, Culture and Youth heard yesterday.

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Unemployed varsity graduates acquire entrepreneurial skills

Over 6000 unemployed university graduates are set to benefit from a new project that seeks to the empower youth with entrepreneurial skills.

Launched in Kigali on Thursday, the project is a joint initiative between Rwanda Cooperative Agency (RCA), Rwanda Development Board (RDB) and Edified Generation Rwanda, an alumni of Imbuto Foundation scholars.

The project started with Gasabo, enrolling 15 young graduates in each sector of the district for a three-day training during which they will learn how to write bankable business proposals.

MINEDUC yafunze burundu Kaminuza ya Nile Source Polytechnic

Minisiteri y’Uburezi yamaze gufunga burundu Kaminuza ya Nile Source Polytechnic of Applied Sciences (NSPA) nyuma yaho byaro byakozwe ku by’agateganyo ngo ibaze ikosore ibitari bitunganye ariko ntigire icyo ikora.

yi kaminuza iherereye mu Karere ka Huye yari yahagaritswe by’agateganyo n’Inama y’amashuri makuru na Kaminuza (HEC) bikorwa no ku zindi kaminuza icyenda byagaragaye ko hari ibyo zitujuje, zose zihabwa amezi atandatu yo kwikosora bitaba ibyo zigafungwa burundu.