Past Events

"Find and share important and interesting upcoming events in Education sector around Rwanda here. Teachers and other educators deserve to know what is going on in Education for their information, participation,contribution Etc.  Actors in Education are urged to share with specific dates and descriptions their upcoming events to our team, so that  they can be shared with others here. Please Send them to the following email "

Date Event Type Location Name
4 May, 2016 Conference Serena Early Grade Literacy Conference
23 April, 2016 Rwanda World Book Day 2016 - How will you celebrate?
22 April, 2016 Innovation Village, Kigali Public Library, Rooftop Children's Book Purchasing Consortium - 2016
2 April, 2016 to 17 April, 2016 Rwanda First School Holidays 2016
23 February, 2016 Global World Read Aloud Day
1 February, 2016 Rwanda Start of First Term, School Year 2016 Rwanda
4 October, 2015 World Teachers Day